The Plenty Vaporizer

Engineered With Love

You work hard for your money. We understand that, so, when you invest in a new vaporizer, you want to make sure that you?셱e getting the best value. That' not always easy in our industry. But after testing dozens of prototype handhel models over the years from Storz & Bickel, I can confidently say that there' one vaporizer that takes the cake this year: The Plenty.

Health Benefits

The finest medical labs use only Storz & Bickel devices for their patients to precisely deliver CBD & THC medications.

Safety Features

With a robust design, safety valve and cooling coil, the build quality makes safety a priorty for users.

3 Year Warranty

Backed by a 3-year warranty, with precision German engineering and design.

Best Quality For The $$$

If you have the budget and you want the best handheld vaporizer money can buy, the Plenty is a clear choice.

The Plenty Vaporizer Benefits

The Plenty' design is simple and straightforward, but that' part of what makes it so pleasurable to use.

It looks more like a power tool than a vaporizer, but in a strange way, that makes it more discreet than the Volcano and other similar models. It' comfortable to hold and isn't too heavy, so you can easily use this unit for an extended period of time.

On the outside of the unit, there' a thermometer that lets you know how hot the chamber is. This is great for gauging when it' time to let the heater cool down a bit. Just below this is the control lamp, and there are ventilation holes on the side of the unit.

On the back of the device is the auto release handle, which is hard to miss. It' bright orange and rather large. When you?셱e ready to vape, all you have to do is push in the handle. Just below the handle is the power switch, and to the left of that is the temperature adjustment wheel.

At the top of the unit is the filling chamber. The cooling coil and mouthpiece attach to the top of the filling chamber. The coil can be adjusted to whatever position or length you want, which is a nice added bonus.

Often called the portable Volcano, the Plenty vaporizer was initially planned by Storz & Bickel to be a cross over handheld vaporizer.

The Plenty offers the same great experience that you get with the Volcano, but in a more compact, lightweight device that doesn't require you to use balloons or pumps.

I wouldn't exactly say that the Plenty is completely portable. It' still rather large and needs to be plugged in. But it' largely regarded as the best handheld vape out here.

High Quality Vapor

No comprise on vapor quality from medical herbs, liquids or waxes.

Best In Class Build

Backed with the industry leading 3 year warranty, there is no risk with this model.

Advanced Technologies

State-of-the-art double helix heat exchanger produces high-yield vapor output.

How Does The Plenty Stack Up Against The Best Selling Portable Vaporizers From Storz & Bickel: The Mighty?

Plenty vs Mighty

Both the Plenty and the Mighty offer top-notch quality and ease of use. But there are some differences between these two units, and they both cater to different users.

The Mighty Is Truly Portable with Precise Temperature Controls

The Mighty is truly a portable vaporizer. It' powered by battery, so you can literally take it with you wherever you go. It does have some nice additional features as well, like an LED display that lets you know the current temperature as well as your set temperature and battery life. On the sides of the display are and buttons to adjust the temperature with ease.

Like the Plenty, the Mighty offers full convection heating, and precise electronic temperature control. A dual lithium-ion battery allows for extended use, and the heat exchanger is highly efficient. The automatic switch off also prevents you from wasting battery time.

Smaller Size, Better Heating Capabilities

The Mighty is also smaller (although still large for a portable vaporizer) and more lightweight (0.5 lbs.) than the Plenty. You can set your desired temperature with this unit as well, and once that temperature is reached, the Mighty will vibrate.

Temperatures can range between 104째F and 410째F. This is one area where the Mighty excels and surpasses the Plenty. It offers both a lower and higher temperature range, so you can choose the right temperature for just about any herb you use.

Easy Of Use

Both the Mighty and Plenty are equally easy to use, although the Mighty eliminates the need to continue pressing in a release handle,it does not have the same power or quality of The Plenty.

Just like with the Plenty, you'll need to fill the filling chamber carefully and completely. If you cannot fill the chamber up all the way, you'll need to insert a liquid pad over the herbs. Otherwise, your herbs won't heat evenly or may not even vaporize at all.

Once the unit is filled, simply press the orange button and hold it in for half a second. The unit will vibrate once it' heated up and ready for use. All that' left to do is set your desired temperature, and inhale.

No Cooling Coil

One thing that I missed with the Mighty is the cooling coil. The coil really does add to the vaping experience. But I do realize that the Mighty is a portable unit, and it wouldn't be practical to include the coil with this unit. But the Plenty does have this advantage over this model in that regard. There is a cooling unit attached, but it' not directly comparable.

Key Advantages Of The Plenty Over Traditional Portable Vapes Including The Mighty & The Crafty

The Plenty Vaporizer
2016 Overall Best In Quality Winner

It' a powerful little unit, and incredibly lightweight (just 1.5lbs). It comes with a cooling coil, too, to cool off the vapor before it hits your mouth.

  • Adjustable temperature range between 266째F and 396째F.
  • Cooling coil to cool the vapor as it reaches the mouthpiece.
  • Convection heating with no burning.
  • No balloons or pumps needed.
  • Silent, hassle free operation.
  • Three year warranty.

Easy To Use

How To Use The Plenty

The great thing about this vaporizer' simple design is that it makes the unit so easy to use.

The Plenty User Guide

  1. 1. The first step is to fill the chamber. First, detach the chamber cap, grind up your herbs, and fill up the filling chamber. Make sure that the chamber is filled completely. Otherwise, your herbs may be heated unevenly.
  2. 2. Next, reattach the filling chamber cap and the cooling coil.
  3. 3. Press the orange power switch, located just underneath the large orange handle, and press the auto release handle.
  4. 4. Turn the temperature adjustment dial to your desired temperature (266째F to 396째F), and wait for the unit to heat up. Please note that it can take up to four minutes for the heat exchanger to warm up.
  5. 5. Place the mouthpiece between your lips, and inhale slowly for several seconds.

Once the auto release handle is pressed and the unit reaches the desired temperature, the heater will turn off automatically. But if you continue pressing the release handle, the Plenty will maintain your desired temperature. In other words, if you set the unit down and forget to turn it off, it will automatically turn the heater off to avoid burning your herbs or starting a fire.

The Bottom Line

Priced just under $300
the Plenty is the best vaporizer for the money.


It' compact, lightweight, easy to use, incredibly durable, and delivers some of the best vapor around and we're talking a lot of vapor. German-engineered and backed by a 3-year warranty, you really have nothing to lose when you buy this unit because you know it will last.

With the Plenty, there are no balloons to deal with or long wait times while the unit heats up. Just fill the chamber, turn it on, and you'll good to go.

    For medical cannabis users, with the precise temperature control, you can make sure that your herbs are heated at the exact temperature you want every time. Not many other handheld or portable units offer this benefit.

Furthermore, this device uses convection heating, which won't burn your herbs. Okay, it does use some convection heating to start producing vapor right away, but you still won't be burning your herbs with this vaporizer. There' a reason why so many users love this unit: it offers top-notch quality. If you?셱e serious about vaping, this is the vaporizer you want to invest in if you are not buying the Volcano desktop unit.